This is part 2 of the series “How to Build an Online Business“.

In the first part, we discussed how important it is to have the correct frame of mind when building an online business – and that desiring money is only going to separate you from success.

In this part I will cover ways to finding what products or services to sell online. The focus will be on selling digital products from eBooks, videos, music, tutorial guides and any services that you can provide and deliver online.

I have purposely limited this to digital products. This allows you to take the full benefit of the internet and sell worldwide – earning a passive income. Best of all, ANYONE can do it. Why worry about sourcing and shipping products when you can provide automated value with digital products?

The most important thing about building an online business (and finding what products to sell) is that you base it around your passion – OR pick something and force yourself to love it…

Passion is important because there will be times when your not getting any results – most people usually give up at this point; but if you have passion for what you do, you will do it for free! You will do it for the sake of doing it, because you love it!

This means you stay persistent – Persistence guarantees your success, and passion accelerates it; but weirdly, passion helps to stay persistent.

What this means is, if you can become passionate for the work you need to do, you can accelerate to success even faster! If you don’t have a passion yet, or still not sure how to mix passion with business – consider the following questions and examples:

 Have you ever done research on a topic very intensively?

You could make a niche website based on that topic – niche websites cover only a small and specific area of topics, making it easier to rank high for in the search engines, and therefore easier to get relevant web traffic that can produce results.

Case Study: Susan wanted to move from her home in the UK to Australia; she studied day and night, looking at the housing market, the schools in the various areas she was interested in living; and she also had to read on what to look out for when buying a house in Australia – a year later, she moved to Australia.

Now she has the experience of moving plus the knowledge; she knows all the things that can go wrong, and better ways of moving if she had to do it again – she can use this experience and create an online business based on this niche. She can write up free articles on her website talking about her personal experience (to create value to her readers), and then sell an information product on how to move to Australia – if her free information is providing value, it is very likely that her readers will trust her product, and make a purchase (I will show you how to get those readers later in this series).

To add onto her income, she can recommend using services that relate to this niche; such as travel agency or property dealer – and if her readers click through her recommendation and  make a purchase, she will get a commission for this – this is called an affiliate program, and you can read more about this on my post on “The Only 3 Ways to Earn Online“.

If you have any experience of this nature (like in the example above) – even if its buying the right car for a certain age group, you can do great with creating a successful online business – in fact, you can create several niche websites based on your experiences and passions.

– If your skills are more physical, such as sewing, knitting, painting, or even playing a music instrument, then you can use your skills (whatever level they are) to create “how to” tutorials: for example “how to paint a house” – read the case study below:

Case Study: Eric works part time on painting houses, and has done for many years – he has the experience and know-how of painting difficult corners of the house and what quality of paint works best.

From Eric’s experience, he can create free video tutorials on how to paint a house and upload them onto popular video sites (such as YouTube) and also create a premium video series which he sells on his website; making sure to direct users to go to his website from his free videos.

To add to his income, he can recommend a few brands of paint or painting equipment, and earn an affiliate commission from that! (Signing up for affiliate programs is free)

In the example with Eric, you can see how he converted his life-time of work experience as a painter, and applied it to building a business online – he can continue on his everyday job, but when his website starts getting traffic, he will be making sales simply because he provided value. We will talk about getting relevant web traffic later – but its important to point out that relevant traffic is vital to making sales.

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