Building an online business is one of the most exciting things you can do online. The aim of this series is to guide you towards the right path to running your own successful online business.

It is important to point out that there is no “one” system to having a successful online business, but knowing the framework of several can greatly help you into building your own success system – this is my reason for creating this guide.

This guide will cover the essential areas in building an online business:

– Frame of Mind for Business Success

– What Products to Sell Online (applies even if you have a product to sell)

– Building a Platform to Sell

– Getting Relevant Web Traffic for your Niche

The first step to build an online business, is the frame of mind you need – this is vital to your success and without it, you will fail.

If you setup an online business with the goal and desire to earn money and be rich; you will never succeed.


Because by desiring money, you have created a separation of yourself and money – you have admitted that you are far away from money and success.

Before you even build an online business, your frame of mind needs to be of an already successful businessman.

When this happens, you stop focusing on money – you start to focus on providing value to your clients, unconditional value, so much value that clients will beg you to create more products.

…build an online business as you would pick up a glass of water…” – The Tao of Business Success

As you change your mind into an already successful businessman, your desire changes to intention; the difference between intention and desire is the difference between success and failure; when you pick up a glass of water to drink, you intend it, you have no emotions of distance or separation when doing so – but when you think of something you don’t yet have, you naturally desire it because you don’t have it. So build your online business, as you would pick up a glass of water.

Bonus Tip: To be able to intend something without any desire, you have to desire it so much, that you simply don’t care about it anymore. Its like eating your favorite food so often, that you don’t want it anymore.

The next thing you need is coming up with the right product to sell online, this is covered in the next part (part 2) below, followed by the rest of the series – be sure to bookmark this page for your future reference, as it will be updated to keep up with new technologies.

Part 2: What Products to Sell Online

Part 3: Building a Platform to Sell